why halo?


Is it worth thinking out-of-the-box to bring over $1 billion in private dollars that can be used to improve New York’s busiest station?

We think so. Why?

The Halo can pay to fix problems at Penn Station: The $1 billion that the Halo generates can fund improvements of any kind. Whether it’s a new entrance on Eighth Avenue, improvements to train safety and speed, or brighter, more spacious terminals, the Halo provides flexibility funding without burdening the public.

The Halo can put Penn Station’s ideal Manhattan location to work:  Most riders of the Halo will be “off-peak”—putting the station to work when it’s least busy and giving tourists and residents alike a new perspective on New York’s iconic skyline.

The Halo can become a landmark: Improving a passenger’s journey doesn’t start at the platform. It starts at their front door. Built as an unmistakable part of the skyline, the Halo transforms the experience of  New Yorkers by answering the question, “Where is Penn Station?”