the ride


Quin Checketts, tower ride enthusiast, describes the different speed levels of experience:

“Anyone can come and experience New York City like never before. If you want to leisurely rise high above the Big Apple to get the best cityscape view you’ve ever had, there are gondolas designed just for you. If you are feeling like you could use a little natural stimulation and want to feel a little speed and g-force, we’ve got that as well.

If, however, you are a complete adrenaline junky and want to experience the most thrilling sensation of your life – complete weightlessness for several seconds, it is all here at the HALO! You can quietly observe your heart rate increase and your palms perspire as you are securely locked into our fail safe restraint system. Relax, and trust our safely record and observe the ground as it moves farther and farther away. Notice the yellow taxi cabs on the streets shrink to the size of tiny toys or, lift your head a little and watch the awesome New York City skyline appear and look out over the ocean. Your gondola will be raised 1200 feet into the sky. You will pause momentarily at the top. Your five senses will be on high alert as you painfully wait for the plunge. Without warning your seat will plummet. You will, likely, gasp as you begin your free fall toward the city far below. You will, likely, feel an exhilarating flutter in your stomach. You will reach speeds in excess of 100 mph! Will you be clutching your harness with super human strength or will you be surrendering to the sensation with your hands held high? There is one way to find out.

Finally, after what may seem like an eternity (really only 6 seconds) you will begin your deceleration. The vulnerable, fluttery, weightless sensation will smoothly transition to the secure reassuring feeling of begin saved by the fail-safe, permanent magnetic braking system. You will feel relief as your body comes to rest securely into your seat. If your arms were up high, you will feel them get heavy again. In fact, your arms will feel 3.5 times as heavy as normal as you will be experiencing a 3.5 g deceleration. After your reentry into NYC, there will be a small recovery period as your adrenaline levels stabilize and your heart rate returns. Thanks for riding.”

Quin Checketts

P.S. If you were clutching the restraint, you will have to repeat the experience until you can raise your hands high into the air and thoroughly experience weightlessness.

Come again.