a thrilling way to experience NYC

The Halo is a proposal to build the world’s highest vertical drop ride in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Our novel structure, transparent, lightweight, and iconic, will bring new perspectives and extreme thrills to millions of visitors while generating over $1 billion to fund a new, world-class Penn Station

For decades, this city’s biggest developers have proposed public-private partnerships to fix Penn Station in exchange for the rights to commercial development. This tired formula has held up solutions for two decades. Big problems need big solutions, and our proposal breaks the stalemate.

Building the Halo is faster and cheaper than conventional real estate development and generates substantially larger and steadier income flows than traditional space leasing and sales—without disruption to commuters or construction in Penn Station.

The Halo would produce an estimated gross revenue of $130 million per year, at very low operation and maintenance costs rates. With the right financing tools in place, The Halo could immediately supply more than $1 billion to the renovation of the Penn Station complex—without asking taxpayers to foot the bill.