“Captivate the world’s interest and provide economic development”

The Halo is a vertical urban amusement ride where visitors rise and fall 1,200 feet at speeds personalized to their desired thrill level.  There are 11 tower rides around the circumference of the Halo tower—some fast, some slow—to match the excitement level of every rider.

Our proposal addresses Governor Cuomo’s call to re-imagine Penn Station as a mixed use destination that will “captivate the world’s interest and provide economic development.” This is New York’s high-tech version of the Eiffel Tower: a thrill ride taller than the Empire State Building, and an unforgettable icon on the skyline.

Next year, New York will host more than 60 million visitors. The tickets they buy on the Halo will contribute money needed to pay for a new Penn Station below without raising taxes or waiting for a government subsidy.



  • Adds $1 billion to make Penn Station safer and a better gateway
  • Works with any underground plan — keeping future options open
  • Uses existing structural capacity — no need for work in the train shed
  • Will become an iconic NYC landmark — you won’t have to ask: “where’s Penn Station”

The proven technology of our ride is already in use on 170 rides around the world. New York’s tower ride will be the tallest and fastest in the world—how could we accept anything less?—and it will perform to rigorous safety standards.