The Halo can be built over the back of the Farley building, or over the west end of the Penn Station/MSG block, to best fit the public Project Sponsors’ goals.  The Halo project  is designed to work with any underground plan at the station and can be integrated and customized to the winning RFP and/or RFEI proposal.

The foundations under the Farley Annex were meant to carry immense industrial loads. The new loads for the Farley building annex will be commercial, and respondents may even want to remove portions of the  building slabs to make better lease depths. This frees up additional structural capacity.


The big question about a Farley placement is historic approvals.

Can we put a modern structure on top of a historical building? In 1999 the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) approved a plan to place a classical form in modern materials above the Farley Building. Today, we might also ask if a classical form – a column – might have a place on the annex to a building famous for its giant order roman columns.

Considering what a marvel of engineering it is to make a column this tall and yet this transparent, if the Romans could have, they would have.